About Kim

004_Kim-Sillis-02Do you have a horse who is more like your best friend?  You love to spend time riding, training, maybe going out every so often to a competition and generally just hanging out enjoying your horse's company?

When he is not feeling so good you get worried and stressed out and in turn he gets worried and stressed out!  When you ride he doesn't feel so smooth or can't flex easily one way or another.  You know that he is unhappy and this makes you unhappy because of how you feel about him.  He is like one of the family and you want to do the best for him.

Every 4 - 6 weeks you diligently have the farrier come and service his feet because you know that no hoof, no horse.  Every 3 months at the minimum you mark in your calendar that you need to drench him for worms as this keeps the inside systems healthy.  Every 6 - 12 months you have the Equine Dentist or your vet come and service his teeth... give him a dental if you will.  And God forbid should he get sick you call the vet to fix him.  You do all of this because you love your horse and you want him feeling the best he can!

Do you get his muscles serviced on a regular basis by an Equine Massage professional?

A horse's muscles need to be serviced regularly to keep them elastic and supple and allow the skeleton to move freely without any rigidity.  Similar to using your other maintenance programs for your horse; a massage maintains the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue of your horse which account for a massive 60% of their total body weight!

Would you love to spend more time knowing your horse is happier, healthier and better maintained?  Of course you would!

I started my business, Equiphoria, when the need to have my own horse massage arose after a cross-country crash in the Snowy Mountains.  Both my horse and I were injured at the time.  I hadn't realised that he my horse had hurt himself until I took him for a light hack out up the paddock when I recovered and he bucked!  Something he had never done!  I felt so guilty not knowing and I had just been attending massage sessions to fix me.  It was logical that this would also benefit my horse! I contacted many therapists and could not secure assistance.

I figured I would go and learn horse massage or Equine Myofunctional Therapy as it is often referred.  Well 3 years studying courses, learning anatomy and physiology and 100 horse massages later...

My horse Busy went on to retire to a home with 2 young boys to love him to pieces.  He would cart them down to the river, two up, most afternoons and home again.

I have now been a competent massage therapist for horses for the last 15 years achieving excellent results on my clients horses. I have myself competed in eventing, polocrosse, dressage and endurance on my own horses.

Massage is better used as a maintenance rather that a fix it solution where possible as it helps to prevent disasters rather than deal with the aftermath.