Preferred Therapists

Ali - Equiform - South West Slopes region (Jugiong) - 0409 228 991

Hi, My name is Ali.

I’ve been involved with horses all my life, growing up around the thoroughbred industry. I dabbled in a little of whatever interested me, then in my late 20’s discovered polocrosse and became hooked. Through polocrosse, I came across the work of Kim Horne, of Equiphoria Equine Massage.

Over the last 15 years, I have studied equine sports massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, but was never really satisfied with my results. When the opportunity rose to study with Kim, having used her services on our own horses, I grabbed it with both hands!

Moving forward into 2020, I believe that to perform at their best, our horses as athletes need to be in top shape. With their muscles working correctly, and their skeletal system aligned correctly, the sky is the limit!

Whether you aim to perform at the top of your chosen sport, or want to be safe and happy on the trails with your horse, Equiform can help you achieve those goals.

Form, shape, confirmation, structure - without this in the right place, we cannot achieve perfect function.

Contact me on 0409 228 991 if you would like to book a session!

Katrina - Animalz On the Go - South Coast - 0407 451 368

Hello - I'm Katrina, owner of Animalz On The Go and Equine Services!!

I am a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist, Vet Attendant/Nurse, Behaviour Modification Trainer, Puppy Preschool Trainer, Pet Carer, Equine Bodyworker and I'm now also qualified to carry out Equine (stock) Faecal Egg specimen counts.

I have always had animals in my life and knew that I wanted to work with them! Dogs and horses are my main specialty. My aim is to have all animals feeling and performing at their best at all times.

I am fully insured for all the services I provide.

Contact me on 0407 451 368 if you would like to book a session!

Anne-Marie - Cooma Region - 0430 275 218

My Name is Anne-Marie Ladhams and I live in the Cooma area of NSW.

I have been riding since I was around 10 and have always has a passion for performance horses. I have extensive experience with Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing and Show horses.

I have spent many years working as a vet nurse, this was my first job and started as an afterschool job before moving to full time once I finished year 12. During this time I gained a wealth of knowledge and a great relationship with our local vets. I also spent time working at a professional performance horse stable gaining invaluable insight, knowledge and experience in the industry.  My experience with performance horse and as a vet nurse gives me a great background to move into the body work industry.

When Kim offered me the opportunity to train under her I jumped at the chance as I knew it would allow me to help horses and riders in ways I could not have hoped for without her expert guidance.  I am keen to help you, by helping your horse to feel its best, assisting you to reach your goals whatever they may be. That could be to jump a bigger course, move up the dressage grades, Qualifying or winning at a Royal show, or even having a relaxing trail ride. What Ever your goal I am here to help.

Contact me on 0430 275 218 if you would like to book a session.

Ashley - AG Equine - ACT Region - 0425 885 974

OK - A bit about myself and my services. I was close to born in a stable and have been around horses my whole life. For the last 20 years I have bred and competed horses. They are in my blood! My fun with horses is showing Quarterhorses and Paints competitively. There is so much time and effort and work getting them to competition that I need to have them being able to perform at their best and be as happy as they can possibly be. This interest started many years ago and followed through with racehorses too.

I feel blessed now as I have gained the skills to help these athletes who have been instrumental in shaping who I am today and who I’ve worked with all my life. I am now able to give back to them and help them to perform at their best and enjoy doing so.

Because I also breed horses I have an excellent understanding of correct conformation of a horse which helps me to gauge (most of the time) where some body issues will be.

I focus on massage therapy and releasing tight muscles to help keep them supple so they can perform correctly and freely. The muscles are what keep the skeleton aligned and support the entire structure of the horse. If it is needed I can also perform any necessary non-invasive alignments. Keeping a horses musculoskeletal system in the best possible condition helps to prevent injury and & keeps your horse from becoming rigid and working incorrectly. These animals are athletes and are best kept like everything else... The difference being from humans that they don’t complain as much and can’t tell you when they need their bodies tuned.

Regular bodywork on the main systems of the horse provides your horse the best chance of preventing dysfunction and injury.

If you are anything like me then knowing your horse is happy, makes you happy! Contact me if you want to know how I can help your horse be at it’s best and as happy as they can be! I also for a limited time have special introductory rates too and i would love to meet you and your horses and find out how I can fit help your team!

Contact me on 0425 885 974 if you would like to book a session.

Claudia - Southern Highlands - 0422 139 357

My name is Claudia. I have been around horses since a young age and have been a part of the business side of the horse industry as a rider and a groom from the age of 16.

Now, I have a full time job as a working pupil and show groom for two professional show jumpers in the Southern Highlands. This job allows me to expand my opportunities within the horse world as well as increase my knowledge of how horses operate.

I decided to start training with Kim to open up a new career path for myself and be able to learn a way of helping horses perform at their best. I am currently practicing in the Moss Vale, NSW, region and basing myself at Rosthwaite Farm.

My initial aim when I began studying was to assist as many horses as possible to feel fit and healthy. Seeing the results in the horses is what makes me love the job even more. The more horses that walk away happy, the more I want to keep doing it.

At the end of the day a happy horse is the most important thing.

Contact me on 0422 139 357 if you would like to book a session.

Ebony - Peak Equine Services - ACT Region - 0466 900 292

I have a passion for horses and have been around them my whole life. I have competed in a wide variety of disciplines including Pony club, eventing, show jumping, hacking, polocrosse and more recently barrel racing. Looking after my horses and keeping them in peak physical condition so they are comfortable and can perform at their best is always my priority.

Bodywork has a major role to play to ensure the horses muscles are working correctly and their skeleton is aligned. This allows the horse to perform at their best.

My most recent accomplishment was working in the USA for three months creating and implementing a vigorous riding program over a 10-week period. The success of this program was directly related to the health of each of the horses allowing them to perform at their peak.

I believe all disciplines can benefit from equine bodywork, from the jump ring to the polocrosse field or on your trails, I can help to ensure your horse is happy and healthy. Being involved in many disciplines, I have the knowledge of the different workloads they carry and how they need to perform in your chosen sport.

My sessions take approximately 45mins and include a full body massage to identify tight and sore spots and to release muscle tension. I then follow this up with any skeletal alignments to ensure your horse can move the way it should.

At Peak Equine Services my aim is to help keep your horses working at peak performance by keeping them at peak comfort and peak alignment!

Contact me today on 0466 900 292 to book a session or to discuss any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.