Holistic Equine Massage & Skills Clinic “Fairy Meadow Park” June 2018

2 day - Holistic Equine Massage and Skills Clinic

23rd & 24th June 2018

"Fairy Meadow Park" Bungendore Road, Mount Fairy

(Payment Plan available: See bottom of page)

Jake warming up with a leg stretch prior to being a star at Unbridled Festival at Thoroughbred Park in Canberra - November 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Leonie Burns Photography

Day 1

  • Horsemanship and safety
  • Horse anatomy/physiology/health and contraindications
  • Saddle fit – demonstration and how to assess it yourself
  • Observations and horse assessment
  • Massage techniques and practice
Jake & I at Unbridled Festival 2014 at Thoroughbred Park in Canberra about to go in to the Winner's Circle to do a massage presentation - Photo Courtesy of Leonie Burns Photography

Day 2

  • Massage techniques and practice continued
  • Full and safe stretching techniques and practice
  • Putting the whole massage together and developing a program for your horse
  • Physio exercises for your horse
  • First Aid and Nutrition
What you get:
* $250 worth of added bonuses plus instruction and skills you can take home and use.
* 2 full days of interactive instruction provided by a professional that has been actively working in the equine therapies industry for 17 years
* morning tea & lunch on both days
* comprehensive workbook
* naturally balanced halter & lead set
* emergency equine first aid kit
* plenty of Q&A time
* free horse realignment if required
* a super time with like minded horse people in a friendly and welcoming environment!