All Natural Healer

NEW Product!  All Natural Healer

Equiphoria - All Natural Healer is a natural blend of Organic Virgin Cocos Nucefera Oil, Apis Mellifica, ZnO & Lavandula Officinale.  All of these ingredients are natural and hypoallergenic so will not cause an adverse reaction.  It is an external cream, although a vet once thought it appropriate to taste!!  I had told him what was in it and he was perfectly comfortable with a taste test!

The Organic Virgin Cocos Nucefera Oil is a super discovery of the 21st Century.  It has internal and external health benefits – however, I have already stated this product is for external application.  If this product was to be applied without any of the other ingredients it would form a protective antibacterial layer which protects an infected body part.  It has also been proven to speed up the healing process of bruises by helping to repair the damaged tissue.  It is effective on skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.  It can also assist with hair growth where required, so will limit or negate scarring.  It has also been used in shampoo, conditioners and dandruff relief products and known to prevent lice and lice eggs.  The oil used in the All Natural Healer is the highest quality that can be sourced and it has also been ethically sourced to support the island communities and the environment in which it has been harvested.

The Apis Mellifica is a hypo-allergenic product with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities that may benefit the body.  It contains anti-germ properties and has been found to assist healing of minor skin cuts, abrasions, scrapes and wounds.  The reason being is because Apis Mellifica contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which breaks down glucose sugars and generates H2O2, which is a natural bleaching agent meaning it will help to clean the wounds.  It can be applied to minor burns and other skin damage to assist and support skin damage.  It can also assist in the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  It contains Natural Vitamin A and provides long term moisturising as it locks moisture into the skin.  Apis Mellifica is biologically alive and because it adds a layer of protection it protects from environmental elements and is a natural stimulant for hair growth.  I have sourced this product direct from the grower so it is as pure as possible.

ZnO is a natural insect repellent and sunscreen.  It is the 2nd most common trace element found naturally in our bodies after Fe.  It helps the immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses and our bodies need it to help build DNA.  ZnO will help the growing of skin over a wound.  It will also keep a wound clean and moist making it excellent as a healing agent.  The ZnO used in the All Natural Healer is the most pure quality and form that can be sourced in Australia.

Lavandula Officinale is the final ingredient and it has antiseptic and antifungal properties and has been proven useful in treating skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions.  It has been known to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns and sunburn as it improves the formation of scar tissue.  It is useful as a bug repellent as to mosquitoes, moths and midges is potent.   Lavandula Officinale has pain relieving qualities and is an excellent remedy for sore and tense muscles.

Q: How do I buy it?

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Q: Is it only for horses?

A: Absolutely not!! It has been tried and tested on humans, horses and dogs so far!  Being hypoallergenic means it can be used on all creatures great and small.

Q: The product varies between being quite solid or soft, how do I use it?

A: The product will soften at skin temperature, I tend to use the back of my nail in Winter to scratch some product out, then soften and apply.  My husband has no nails so he physically uses a nail or screw to scratch up the surface.  Similarly, in Summer it is usually quite melted so very easy to apply.

Q: Can you put anything in the product to manually soften it to make it more usable.

A: To add a softening product would compromise the natural properties of the cream.  I tend to leave a tin on the dash of my car meaning it is regularly soft even in Winter, however, be warned that it will be too hot in warmer weather!  I am always working on improvements with all of my products!

Q: What type of things can I use it on?

A: It is an external application however can also be used very safely on open wounds.  It has so far been proven effective on greasy heel, cuts, burns, stings, bites, heat rash, nappy rash, chapped lips and flaky skin.  It has also been effective in relieving eczema & psoriasis sufferers.  I use it as a natural low level sunscreen for my face and lips when out working with horses.