All Natural Rope Halter & Leads

These halter & lead products are 100% Australian made yachting rope.  The leads have a choice of nickel plated bull snaps, brass snaps, quick release snaps or can be made with no clip to attach directly to the lead.  My preference is for a nickel plated bull snap - my reason for this is that there is one breaking point (being the clip), although that will take a lot of force to break.  I also like the weight that the clip provides near the halter for training purposes.  They have a leather clacker on the end of the 12' lead and are fully backspliced and sewn.  Sizes are Pony, Cob & Full and the lead is 12' in length.

The halter is made from 6mm yachting rope, which has an approximate 600 pound breaking strain.  The lead is made from 12mm yachting rope, which has about 2 tonne of breaking strain. Perfect for training.  Very weather proof and can be left tied to gate when not in use through all weather and will still maintain their integrity and strength.

Colours available are:

White with Blue Fleck, Black with Red Fleck and Solid Purple.

Sizes are:

Pony, Cob & Full

Q: How Do I Buy One?

Click here to head to Lou's Horse Supplies

Q: What Colour's Are They Available In?

A: They are available in White with Blue Fleck, Black with Red Fleck or Solid Purple.

Q: What Sizes Are They Available In?

A: Standard sizing is Pony, Cob and Full.  I find that these sizing's fit most horses.

Q: Can I Get a Non Traditional Size?

A: Special orders can be accommodated - just use the Contact Kim page HERE to discuss options.