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Ali - Equiform - 0409 228 991

Sam - Monaco Equine - 0421 429 993

Ali - Equiform - 0409 228 991


Hi, My name is Ali.

I’ve been involved with horses all my life, growing up around the thoroughbred industry. I dabbled in a little of whatever interested me, then in my late 20’s discovered polocrosse and became hooked.

Our horses as athletes need to be in top shape. With their muscles working correctly, and their skeletal system aligned correctly, the sky is the limit!

Whether you aim to perform at the top of your chosen sport or want to be safe and happy on the trails with your horse, Equiform can help you achieve those goals.

Form, shape, confirmation, structure - without this in the right place, we cannot achieve perfect function.

Contact me on 0409 228 991 if you would like to book a session!

Bec - TLE - 0403 128 427

Sam - Monaco Equine - 0421 429 993

Ali - Equiform - 0409 228 991


Hi, my name is Bec from Team Laurie Equine.

Like most passionate  horse people my interest started when I was young, turning my hand to  any challenge thrown my way. 

Throughout my journey I have been fortunate  enough to have learnt from some amazing people and to this day continue  striving to fill my toolbox with knowledge.

If you are looking to achieve peak performance of your equine partner  through a happy body, please give me a call on 0403 128 427 or search  Team Laurie Equine on Facebook.

Sam - Monaco Equine - 0421 429 993

Sam - Monaco Equine - 0421 429 993

Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974


Hello, my name is Sam. 

I have been involved with horses all my life and my passion for  horses began long before I could talk about it.  

As an Equine Bodyworker I focus specifically on helping the musculo-skeletal systems of the horse and both are vital to your horse both feeling and performing at their best.  

Horse’s are athletes and require regular “tune-ups” to keep them fit and healthy.   Regular bodywork sessions are kind of like servicing your car.   

No matter your discipline or experience, horse-owners all have one  thing in common: we love our horses and we hate it when they are in pain  or uncomfortable.

Helping horses is my passion and I  will work with you to relieve your horse’s discomfort. 

So let’s get your horses feeling their best! If you’re interested in  booking a session, give me a call on 0421 429 993 or email  monacoequine@gmail.com 

Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974

Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974

Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974


Hey, I'm Ashley,

I was close to born in a  stable and have been around horses my whole life. For the last 20 years I  have bred and competed horses. They are in my blood! 

My fun with horses  is showing Quarterhorses and Paints competitively. 

There is so much  time and effort and work getting them to competition that I need to have  them being able to perform at their best and be as happy as they can  possibly be. This interest started many years ago and followed through  with racehorses too.

Everything I do is aimed at relieving any stress, trauma or pain your  horse may be experiencing in their body.  I do this by first using  gentle massage to warm up and relax the horse’s muscles, followed by  some deeper work to relieve any tension and knots.  Afterwards, if  necessary, I will perform some non-invasive skeletal alignments. I aim  to work with the horse’s body, not against it, and everything I do is  about encouraging the body to fix and align itself: I’m just there to  give it a helping hand. 

As I also breed horses I have an excellent understanding of  correct conformation of a horse which helps me to gauge (most of the time) where some body issues will be.

Keeping a horses musculoskeletal system in the best possible  condition helps to prevent injury and & keeps your horse from  becoming rigid and working incorrectly. These animals are athletes and are best kept like everything else... 

The difference being from humans  that they don’t complain as much and can’t tell you when they need their  bodies tuned. 

Regular bodywork on the main systems of the horse provides your horse the best chance of preventing dysfunction and injury. 

If you are anything like me then knowing your horse is happy, makes  you happy! 

Contact me if you want to know how I can help your horse be  at it’s best and as happy as they can be! I would love to meet you and  your horses and find out how I can fit help your team! 

Contact me on  0425 885 974 if you would like to book a session. 

Jess - 0432 524 676

Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974

Jess - 0432 524 676


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Ashley - AGEquine - 0425 885 974

Jess - 0432 524 676


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